How to keep your makeup perfect all day long?

How to keep your makeup perfect all day long?

We prefer looking good all day and would like our makeup to remain just the way we originally applied it. But we’ve all experienced this familiar problem: you look at yourself in the mirror later in the day, or evening, and you are disappointment with the result. Your makeup no longer looks the way you applied it earlier that day and that is a shame, because sometimes you still have a long day, or evening, ahead of you.

What can you do (or not do) to keep your makeup looking good for longer? With the festive season ahead, these tips will be more than welcome!

1. Keep clear of your face

All beauty lovers know that if you touch your hair a lot, your hair becomes oily. But did you know that we often (unconsciously) touch our faces and that this is not good either? For example, let’s take working at the computer. You may be in the habit of propping your head up with your hands. Obviously, this will rub your makeup off and that is what we want to avoid! And did you know that touching your face also increases the risk of acne? The bacteria on your hands can be transferred to your face. So, tip No 1: keep away from your face as much as possible!

2. Cleanse your face properly

If you have too much oil or grease on your face, your makeup will wear off that much faster. Do you have an oily skin? If so, make sure to clean your skin in advance. This will avoid you having to touch up your makeup halfway through the day.

3. Using makeup products at the same time

Do you use a daytime moisturizer as well as a foundation? Then chances are that you are applying both products within a few of minutes of each other. This means that your makeup will probably not last until the evening. Why? Because your moisturizer needs sufficient time to work into your skin before applying the foundation. Try to plan for more time between the application of the two and your moisturizer will do its job far better.

4. Priming your skin

You've probably heard of it (or you are using it). A skin primer is really a must in any beauty routine. If you don’t use a primer, your makeup simply will not adhere to your skin very well. A primer provides a layer on your face to which the makeup can attach itself, thus staying in place for longer. No primer? Nice idea for a Christmas present!

5. Powder

Would you like your foundation to stay on longer? Then use a layer of powder. When only wearing liquid makeup, the chances are greater that you will sweat your makeup off. With a good powder you can (largely) prevent this. And there’s an added bonus: your face will be less shiny!

Follow these tips and step-by-step plan and you will enjoy a carefree festive season without having to constantly touch up your makeup!