8 funny beauty hacks!

8 funny beauty hacks!

1. Rub your face with an ice cube after your cleaning rituals until it is completely melted. Your pores will get smaller and it will gives you less chance to get pimples.

2. Use a ‘sheet mask’ to hydrate your skin and it will give your skin extra vitamins as well. You only have to wear this for around 60 seconds to see a results immediately.

3. Use lipstick for more color around your eyes, on your cheeks and ofcourse your lips. If you don’t have any time for a whole make-up ritual, you can add some lipstick on your eyelids, jaw line and lips for an instant good look.

4. Use some remaining coffee and mix it with some olive oil for a quick cellulite scrub. Mix the content of your coffee filter with a few drips olive oil and rub it on your body before  you get a shower. The caffeine in the coffee makes your skin tighter.

5. Wash your hair with warm water, followed by a cold shower. Because of the cold shower your hair roots closes and your hair will shine a lot more! Hi, Blake Lively hair!

6. Rub your skin with the insides of a banana peel. The inside of the peel contains enzymes. The enzymes scrub and hydrate the skin. Rub the peel until it turns brown ( this will be after about a minute) and wash your face.

7.Make sure that you always have rose water in your bag and spray this on your face when your skin feels dry. Your skin is now hydrated again!

8. Use a dry shampoo before you go to bed to make your morning rituals easier. With a little dry shampoo your hair looks fabulous like you have used a hairdryer. When you don’t have some dry shampoo, you can also use baby powder this will give the same effect. Use it before you go to sleep so it can work for 8 hours and you wake up with a good hair day!